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The contributors to Catholic Moral Theology are assembling a critical commentary of blog posts devoted to commenting on major, traditional areas of Catholic moral theology and social ethics. Over time, at this page, you will find links to blog posts commenting on the various areas treated in the Compendium of Social Doctrine and the Catechism. Future commentaries will expand on other approaches and topics of relevance to moral theology.


  1. The Dignity of the Human Person
    1. Imago Dei
    2. The vocation to beatitude
    3. Freedom
    4. Human acts – John Berkman
    5. The passions – Jason King
    6. Conscience
    7. Virtue – William Mattison
    8. Sin – Emily Reimer-Barry
  2. The Human Community, via the Compendium on Catholic Social Teaching
    1. The common good – David Cloutier
    2. The universal destination of goods
    3. Subsidiarity
    4. Participation
    5. Solidarity – Emily Reimer-Barry
    6. The family – Julie Hanlon Rubio
    7. Human Work
    8. Economic life – Jason King
    9. Political community – Tom Bushlack
    10. The international community
    11. Promotion of Peace – Christopher Vogt
  3. God’s Salvation:  Law and Grace
    1. The Moral Law (natural, old, new)
    2. Grace and justification
    3. The Church and Morality


  1. The Commandments
    1. First
    2. Second
    3. Third
    4. Fourth: Father and Mother – Patrick Clark
    5. Fifth: Killing – Charles Camosy
    6. Sixth: Sexuality – Beth Haile
    7. Seventh: Possessions – David Cloutier
    8. Eighth: Truth and Falsehood – David Cloutier
    9. Ninth: Coveting – Julie Hanlon Rubio
    10. Tenth: Coveting – Beth Haile