Author: Miguel J Romero

Jack Kerouac, Curiosity, And The Gift Of Time

I’ve been reading Jack Kerouac’s On The Road (1957)—this is the second time I’ve made space in my life to listen along as Sal recounts the stories of his journeys with Dean Moriarty. On The Road was the first book I ever read by Kerouac. It was, I believe, the first book that ever made me think about writing—not my own writing, but writing as a thing that someone does, a thing that someone can choose to do. It was also, I believe, the first book that ever made me think about “curiosity”—not my own curiosity, but “curiosity” as a thing that someone...

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Mercy And This Present Darkness

Is it important for Catholic moral theologians to comment on the most recent headlines? It seems improper to write and post a public comment on the CMT Blog that does not directly engage one of the dramatic headlines from the past few months, or weeks, or days. I have in mind headlines describing any of the various humanitarian, moral, intellectual, environmental, economic, and political catastrophes currently unfolding in the United States of America and globally. To do otherwise, it seems, would be like whistling while your neighbor’s house burns…or while your own house burns. Is there not a plain...

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Gesturing, Stammering, & Writing for a Blog

Where to begin? I’m not entirely sure I know how to do what I’ve agreed to do as a contributor to the CMT Blog. Regular reading and commenting on blog posts has had virtually no place in my life since graduate school. As for the writing of blog posts—about 12 years ago I experimented for about six months with theological blogging, under a variety of pseudonyms. I did not enjoy the experience. Ultimately, it felt as if I was pouring out time, emotional reserves, and my best ideas into an ocean of indifference. Beyond those costs, the project of...

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