Author: Miguel J Romero

Gesturing, Stammering, & Writing for a Blog

Where to begin? I’m not entirely sure I know how to do what I’ve agreed to do as a contributor to the CMT Blog. Regular reading and commenting on blog posts has had virtually no place in my life since graduate school. As for the writing of blog posts—about 12 years ago I experimented for about six months with theological blogging, under a variety of pseudonyms. I did not enjoy the experience. Ultimately, it felt as if I was pouring out time, emotional reserves, and my best ideas into an ocean of indifference. Beyond those costs, the project of managing and maintaining an online profile translated into narcissistic preoccupations that were bad for my soul. So, I stopped. I don’t know how to be good as I do what I’ve agreed to do as a contributor to the CMT Blog. Blogging as a moral act. In a way, my practical preoccupations, speculative worries, and professional hesitation about theological blogs are similar to what was artfully expressed years ago by Jana Bennett, David Cloutier, Emily Reimer-Berry, and Dana Dillon. And, more recently, Cloutier again. But there is something else—which I discuss below. I don’t have any principled objection to blogging as a medium for Christian theological discourse. I simply do not know how to do it well, under my own name, and in a way that is Christian. Nevertheless, I...

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