Author: Julie Rubio

Honoring Our Mothers in Theology

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious has been charged by Cardinal Mueller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, with failing to submit to oversight from the Vatican about how they should go about organizing their annual conferences. The real issues at stake are much deeper and go to the heart of what Christian theology is and who gets to do it. On Mother’s Day, I want to reflect on the women who have raised their voices and offered their lives as witness to the living God. Mueller’s remarks are from an April 30 meeting at...

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Flowers, Weddings, and Cooperation with Evil

Last week, the Arizona Legislature passed a bill that would allow owners to refuse service to customers if their refusal is sincerely motivated by religious concerns. Religious liberty is broadly defined to include beliefs and practices and protections apply not just to churches but to individuals, secular organizations, and businesses. At issue is the problem of cooperation with evil, and here Catholic moral theology can be helpful. The language of the bill is neutral but it, like efforts in nine other states, was crafted by conservative groups in response to growing worries about same sex marriage and it is...

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