Author: Andrew Kim

President Obama is Visiting Hiroshima not to Apologize?

The White House recently announced that President Obama will visit Hiroshima in the upcoming months making him the first sitting American president to do so since the conclusion of World War II. The White House also announced that President Obama would not be apologizing for the U.S. government’s use of nuclear weapons against Japan. I agree with the decision not to apologize, but I think that the rationale for not offering an apology is important. In this post, I argue that there are two insufficient rationales for not apologizing and one sufficient rationale for not apologizing. The first insufficient...

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The Seven Deadly Comforts

Throughout history the so-called seven “deadly” or “capital” sins have been enumerated in different ways. Aquinas preferred to speak of the seven capital vices: vainglory, envy, anger, sloth, covetousness, gluttony, and lust (ST Ia IIae q. 84 a. 4). The reason they are called “capital” is because they “give rise” to all the other vices. The common element of all vice is that it deceives one into seeking after evil “on account of some attendant good.” Vainglory, for example, is an excessive desire for honor and praise, which are goods when sought after in the right way and to...

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Are Catholics Saved?

Beth Haile always writes excellent posts, and I benefit a great deal from reading them. I particularly enjoy her commentaries on the lectionary. In her most recent commentary, Haile recounts a story that her priest told during his homily. The story involves an encounter with an “Evangelical” Christian. Haile describes her reaction to the story as follows: It was an uncomfortable story for me, and I imagine many others in the congregation. In Texas, there is a lot of evangelizing going on, and while the conversations can be pleasant, more often than not they end as this priest’s did,...

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On the Ethics of Organ Transplantation: A Catholic Perspective (Part I)

On the Ethics of Organ Transplantation: A Catholic Perspective is a document authored by a working party under the auspices of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre. The members or the working party are as follows: Rev. Dr. Michael Jarmulowicz (chair), MB BS (London), BSc (London), FRCPath, KSG, Pathologist, London UK Prof. David Albert Jones (secretary), MA (Cantab), MA, MSt, DPhil (Oxon), Director, Anscombe Bioethics Centre, Oxford UK Rev. Dr. Nicanor Austriaco, OP, BSE, STB, MDiv, STL, PhD, STD (cand), Molecular Biologist and Bioethicist, Providence USA Dr. Rupert Beale, MB BChir, PhD, MRCP, Clinical Lecturer in Nephrology, Cambridge UK Dr. John...

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New Wine, New Wineskins: Reflections from William C. Mattison III

New Wine, New Wineskins recently held its 12th annual gathering at the Campus of Notre Dame. In the coming weeks our Charles Camosy and I will be reflecting upon different aspects of our experience there, and our Thomas Bushlack has already commented here. In the spirit of these posts, I thought it would be fitting to hear from the founder of NWNW, William C. Mattison III. Dr. Mattison was asked to comment on his original vision for NWNW and his thoughts on the conference moving forward. The following is a guest post by William C. Mattison III: I’m grateful...

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