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Gratitude and Lament in the Season of Lent

When I buy a house without thinking about how my race might affect the terms of my mortgage, or when I can drive down the street without worrying about being pulled over for a pile of snow covering one of the letters on my license plate, is the appropriate response gratitude? Likewise, as a man, when I can feel confident that my scholarly expertise will not be called into question because of my sex, should I be thankful?

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To Love Fasting

This post is co-authored with Thomas M. Hart, O.S.B., Assistant to the President for Mission, Saint Vincent College. The prayers throughout Lent exhort us to a three-fold practice: prayer, fasting, and works of mercy. We...

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Our Lazarus Economy

In Luke’s gospel, Jesus tells the story of the poor man Lazarus.  Lazarus lived on the door step of a “rich man who dressed in purple garments and fine linen and dined sumptuously each day.”  Daily, this rich man had to walk out...

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