On this our first anniversary, I’d like to point our readers to another new Catholic venture on the internet: OCCUPY CATHOLICS

While Occupy Boston has had a significant Catholic presences, Occupy Wall Street has been viewed as a more secular endeavor. There have been; however, a number of Catholics participating in and in solidarity with the Occupy Movement in New York.  A new way to  explicitly think about one’s Catholicism in relation to the Occupy Movement and explaining who they are, the Occupy Catholics website begins:

We start with prayer.

This is an emerging conversation in order to organize a Catholic role in the Occupy movement. It’s still in very early stages. Please peruse article clippings in the Readings section and strike up chatter in the comments as we work toward organizing, mobilizing, and occupying.

You can organize with us on our email list, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. Email us if you want to submit a reading, prayer, or other idea for this website.

Occupy Catholics in the news: America, National Catholic Reporter, Currents.

There is a wealth of information provided – from a prayer tab which offers texts of prayers from different Occupy movements around the world and a news section that includes both positive news (how Occupy Providence helped save a Catholic Homeless Shelter) and realistic attention to “Occupy-Catholic Friction.”

They have a virtual presence on facebook and twitter and hold meetings at the Catholic worker. I recommend taking a look at Occupy Catholic, it is likely to challenge a lot of the stereotypes about OWS and the Occupy Movement and will challenge us all to think more deeply about our faith.