For a long time, North American Catholic moral theologians have lacked a specific journal in which to carry out their research. There are outstanding ethics journals, like the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, but the audiences for these journals are much broader and aren’t as interested in specifically Catholic concerns. And there are outstanding Catholic journals, like Theological Studies, but they cover all areas of theology, and so have limited space for moral theology articles.

But now there is the Journal of Moral Theology. The first print issues were distributed at this past weekend’s meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics, and the issue contains a series of articles by leading contemporary figures (like Jim Keenan and John Grabowski) on important figures from the previous generation (in this case, on Bernard Haring and Pope John Paul II, respectively). The articles from the journal will always be available as open-access files, and more details on future issues can also be found at the website. We hope readers of who are interested in moral theology beyond blog posts will check it out!