And it only costs $325,000:

Post says that his five ounce hamburger “tastes reasonably good,” but time will tell if that is enough to help consumers adopt the idea of lab-grown meat into the food chain. The in-Vitro cook off will be staged to show consumers and investors that lab meat is no longer an idea but now a reality, and needs to be funded in order to bring it to the market place.

Post’s burgers began with a cell removed from cow necks taken from a slaughterhouse, and were then replicated in the lab using stem cells from fetal calf serum, giving Post an advantage when synthesizing tissue. The resulting burgers are complicated and expensive to make, but had no fat and tackle the environmental and ethical issues of gas emissions, costs of raising livestock, use of land and water, as well as animal rights issues.

Good idea?  Bad idea?

We’ve talked a lot about food ethics here at CMT…is this part of the solution?  Should we support or resist this kind of move?  Would an investment in companies doing this be ethical?

If you want to find out what Stephen Colbert thinks about this (and who doesn’t?), you can watch the segment he did on it here.