Many of our readers know that I went to Khartoum, Sudan in January. I was observing a medical training program for Village Midwives aimed at lowering infant mortality. I have a short blog on part of the trip over at Lancet Global Health Blog.

Please check out Knowledge is Power: The Ethical Ambiguity of Evidence Based Medicine in Global Health

Inequity in health outcomes and access is a matter of both lack of resources and lack of knowledge. Open sharing of knowledge is paramount in the fight for global health and human rights. Yet knowledge is power. It holds the power and possibility to save lives. But it can also be used to assert power over others, to disempower and reinforce existing structures. There is an inherent ambiguity to evidence-based medicine within the power dynamics of partnerships for global health and human rights. How do we disseminate knowledge ethically?

Check out Lancet Global Health for the rest….