Just wanted to alert our readers that I have written a response to America Magazine’s new article “Just Economics” by Dr. Stacie Beck.  In which I conclude:

If Beck is right, then the entire project of Catholic social thought is faulty. Her argument begins with a particular set of economic assumptions as foundational and not with the understanding of the human person. If one begins with the dignity of the human person and the common good, then the need for justice cannot be answered by increasing charity. Benedict reminds us in Caritas In Veritate that it is not good enough to give someone charity unless the demands of justice have been met. In Catholic social thought, it is never a time of prosperity if the basic human rights of all are not respected.

There’s a lively debate going on over at America Magazine’s website and blog….click over to America to read my full response.


While I am highlighting work I’ve done elsewhere, I was recently interviewed by Catholic News Service on the Legacy of Pacem in Terris. It is a nice short video highlighting Cardinal Turkson, Gerald Powers, Mary Ann Cusimano Love, John Carr and myself reflecting on the legacy of John’s encyclical.