Author: Charles Camosy

Convention Season Draws Media Attention to Alternative, Young Pro-Life Voices

In an election cycle with no good choices for pro-lifers, it can be tempting to despair. But just below the surface of ratings-driven coverage of the mostly-traditional Democratic and Republican conventions there are many different kinds of movements bubbling up. One such movement might be called “Alt-Life.” Pro-Lifers who don’t allign with the traditional small-government/religious-right coalition formed back in 1979. And media are starting to pay attention. Take a look at this list: NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER: “Millennials Organize to Advance Consistent Life Ethic” LA TIMES: “How the Democratic Platform Betrays Millions of the Party Faithful” ROLL CALL: “Anti-Abortion Democrats Wonder...

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Should a Catholic Hospital be Obliged to do a Tubal Ligation?

No. And I make a brief argument in my piece in the LA Times yesterday in the context of the ACLU suing Mercy Hospital for refusing to do it. Here’s a snippet: Our liberty-centered culture has tried to make space for multiple value systems. Indeed, in his ground-breaking opinion legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy began by insisting the Constitution protects the liberty of all persons “to define and express their identity.” This is especially true when it comes to a value-laden and professional practice like healthcare. Alarmingly, this understanding of medicine is coming...

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Abortion Clinic Protesters

Which adjective came to mind when you read the title of this post? During my high school teaching days I also served as moderator of the pro-life club, and my students and I would pray outside abortion clinics from time to time. I miss my time with them very much, but based this experience–and hearing lots of criticisms from many different quarters–I can guess what some of those adjectives might be: Violent White Male Old Judgmental Conservative Pro-Birth Tonight, I got a very moving note from another high school teacher who told me about a recent experience bringing his...

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Did Pope Francis Say Something New about Abortion and Forgiveness?

There has been a lot of excitement surrounding Pope Francis’ words about abortion and forgiveness today. Covered by everyone from NPR to the Washington Post to Catholic News Service, few would argue the Holy Father’s emphasis on mercy–particularly on an issue like abortion–is not a welcome shift from approaches which tend to take a more prophetic approach to the evil of abortion. But much of the buzz seems to be surrounding the fact that there is something new in the Pope’s actual teaching here. Is there? Well, for starters, let’s compare his words released today… The tragedy of abortion...

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Should You Permit Your Kids to Play American Football?

For many high school football teams across the country, football practice begins tomorrow. As someone who spent his share of time dreading the torture of two-a-day practices, I now spend time as an older person thinking about a different-but-related question: should parents be dreading them as well? If you pay attention to the facts, you probably should. I don’t agree with everything in Steve Almond’s important book Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto, but it is well worth reading…particularly the chapter titled ‘Their Sons Grow Up Suicidally Beautiful.’ In this chapter he successfully argues the violence and commercialization of the...

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