Author: Charles Camosy

Now More than Ever: ABC News Gives Us Another Reason to Engage Public Discourse with Theological Confidence

Pope Francis is a media darling, taken seriously in an unbelievably high number of theological and political circles, and the guy can’t stop talking about the devil, sin, grace, and…well…Jesus. For too often, however, Church leaders and theologians feel like we must translate our perspective into a foreign language to be heard in the public sphere. It is time to stop doing this and regain our theological confidence. I’ve given reasons for taking this approach before, but if you read this week’s piece written by Matthew J. Dowd, chief political strategist for ABC News, you may find several more....

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“The Voice of the Heart”: Chilean Women Give Voices to their Prenatal Children

Perhaps for the first time ever, the primary subjects of abortion violence have been given a voice in the debate over their fate. And it look a pro-life demonstration by Chilean women to do it. This three minute video is well worth watching: The experience of Chile calls into question many claims regularly made in the US abortion discourse, not least because maternal health improved when abortion was made broadly illegal. For more about the very interesting and instructive situation in Chile, see my interview in Crux with Dr. Francisca Decebal-Cuza, a practicing psychiatrist, professor, and mother of two. She...

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Questions about Faith and Politics Finally Enter the (Vice) Presidential Race

If you aren’t reading Emma Green’s pieces at The Atlantic, let me recommend that you consider doing so. In today’s article, she covered the religion/politics/morality/abortion angle from the VP-debate last night, and notes (with only thinly-veiled frustration) that these types of questions are important to many voters and therefore: “they should be important to moderators too.” She also noted how revealing such questions almost always are–not least because of their capacity to tap into the deepest part of a candidate. Interestingly, Green noticed that in debate filled with loud and sometimes bullying cross-talk, the one time the two candidates...

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Newly Discovered Importance of “the Gut” Throws Even More Shade on Brain-Reductionist Moral Anthropologies

The position that “you are your brain” was already in serious trouble given what we have learned in the last two decades about consciousness and homeostasis. But each week, it seems, provides even more evidence against brain-reductionist moral anthropologies. And, well, many of us have had a “gut feeling” something like this was true all along [ahem]: My trillions of gut microbes, it seems, are in constant communication with my brain, and there’s mounting evidence that they may affect how I feel — not just physically but emotionally. And that effect may be very powerful indeed, because it turns...

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More Fallout from the Weakness of Theological Bioethics

I’ve written several pieces on the trouble in which theological bioethics finds itself. Its marginalization from mainstream academic, clinical, and public discussions has led to a host of disturbing developments. The most recent example was a consensus statement on conscience in health care signed by many of the leading international voices in bioethics. In a piece I did for Religion News Service, I note that the signatories have lost touch with the kind of critical stance toward the dominant culture necessary to understand why conscientious objection is so important to protect. This critical stance, of course, is precisely what...

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