I was recently asked to provide a guest post at “There is Power in the Blog,” associated with the Political Theology journal.  I wanted to take some time to reflect on the cultural changes that yesterday’s decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court reflect, and to make my own modest proposals for ways forward amidst the ongoing theological and political divides within the church and U.S. society.  Here is a link to the full article, and here is a spinet:

If I were to offer my opinion with regard to the best way for theologians and church leaders to move forward following today’s rulings, it would be to reassess our rhetoric.  For those opposed to civil recognition of same-sex marriage, the argument that allowing same-sex marriage will have a negative impact upon the common good of society has been found unconvincing, not least because there is little tangible evidence to back it up.  And there is no logical step from a theological argument based on Genesis 1 to inscribing “one man, one woman” into civil law.  For those of us who support the extension of greater legal protections and rights to same-sex couples, we need to refrain from gloating and find ways to remain united as a church with a common goal of spreading the Gospel even amidst vehement disagreement.