It takes me several days, or sometimes weeks, to post blog posts about various topics, usually. If I were to try to be eloquent here – I would fail, words would fail, and it would be September, at least.

So today, I want to try to convey my sadness and abohorrence of the hate crimes and murders in Orlando in this small and in sufficient way:

On the questions of hate crimes and being LGBTQ, we should be undivided. Catholic teaching is unequivocally against injustice against LGBTQ (CCC 2357)  and hatred (CCC 2303). While Catholics – as with other groups – remain internally divided about sexuality in relation to theological understanding of anthropology, marriage, and ordination (among others) Catholics should be undivided on injustice and hatred. We do not always act as though we care.

This needs to change.

We are called to be people who witness to the peace of Christ. Let us do so in our prayer and our speaking out and acting out against perpetrators of hate crimes.