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Second Sunday of Lent: A Loving Sacrifice?

Posted by on Feb 29, 2012 in Lectionary | 0 comments

Second Sunday of Lent March 4, 2012 Gn 22:1-2, 9a, 10-13, 15-18; Ps 116:10, 15, 16-17, 18-19; Rom 8:31b-34; Mk 9:2-10 The binding of Isaac...

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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Posted by on Feb 28, 2012 in Current Events | 3 comments

The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) dedicates the last week of February every year as Eating Disorder Awareness Week. During...

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More Ethicists Come Out in Support of Infanticide (UPDATED)

Posted by on Feb 28, 2012 in Bioethics, Life and Death, Classic Posts, Current Events, From the Field | 4 comments

During the past 24 hours or so, Mirror of Justice has been all over an article which recently appeared in the respected Journal of Medical...

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First Sunday of Lent: What’s the Point of Fasting and Penance?

Posted by on Feb 22, 2012 in Current Events, Lectionary | 0 comments

Lent is my favorite time of the liturgical year!  Perhaps it is because of my attraction to contemplative monastic life, and St. Benedict...

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What penance are you doing this Lent?

Posted by on Feb 22, 2012 in Current Events | 0 comments

Welcome to Lent.  If you are like me, you have probably been hearing the question, “So, what are you giving up for Lent?”  I...

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